# 271 - The Isle - page 21

16th Feb 2020, 1:24 AM in Ch.6. The Isle
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The Isle - page 21
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RusCSI 16th Feb 2020, 1:24 AM edit delete
Sorry for a week delay, I was busy with work. But here it is~


Guest 18th Feb 2020, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
Good job with the cave. I like all the crystals in it. :)
Night flyer 18th Feb 2020, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
YEA realy cool
Dunn96H 18th Feb 2020, 11:18 PM edit delete reply
impressive :) i wonder how is Burner doing
Guest 19th Feb 2020, 5:12 AM edit delete reply
Sorry if this is a super annoying question, but I was wandering what type of dragon snow fly is?
Night flyer 20th Feb 2020, 8:42 PM edit delete reply
To your question, I think snowfly is a ice dragon
Guest 21st Feb 2020, 7:46 AM edit delete reply
Night flyer 20th Feb 2020, 8:27 PM edit delete reply
it would be cool if Vale was the only dragon capable of having a unique unknown element that was pure light that was actually the element of the stars, a junction between pure light and darkness, it would go great with it and when he used that element instead of purple it became black and blue white
Jonah 20th Feb 2020, 10:58 PM edit delete reply
I wonder if Vales powers will return
Shadow Demon 25th Feb 2020, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
Shadow Demon: Interesting looks like i need to return to my dimensional home.

Me: oh shut up will you i am trying to read this.

Shadow Demon: Oh but why you are stuck with me remember

Me: Well then let me read this It is getting good do have your forthwall breaking fun somewhere else
Shadow Demon 25th Feb 2020, 9:10 AM edit delete reply
You know I enjoy messing with Dimensions but I think i will let this one be and see where this goes. *snaps* *a bag of popcorn appears* anyone want any or how about dragon meat thats my faveorite meal. But auother do keep up the good work will you traveling spyro dimensions can get boreing but this one peaks my intrest so do continue
Jonah 26th Feb 2020, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
their is possible that we might see Vale again
Jonah 26th Feb 2020, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
will their be a chapter seven to this
Xyphanix 20th Apr 2020, 11:59 AM edit delete reply
So, light crystals. Do they grow naturally and where are they found?