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8th Nov 2020, 2:16 PM in Ch.6. The Isle
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The Isle - page 37
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RusCSI 8th Nov 2020, 2:16 PM edit delete
Important yet boring lore stuff continues


FireswordDragon 8th Nov 2020, 2:53 PM edit delete reply
Excuse me, boring? You just basically admitted Casi is a purple dragon!
omagakiller123456 8th Nov 2020, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
this is a good question vale asked

cynder was corrupted by malefor in doing so gave her one ability from ether

but casi a random dragon who has gravity and gravity if a ability from ether so how does he know it yet alone how can he use it?
Jonah 8th Nov 2020, 8:29 PM edit delete reply
He probably inherited that power from either his mother or father since they were gravity dragons but it’s unknown how Casi has gravity.
omagakiller123456 8th Nov 2020, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
gravity is exclusive to purple dragons only and there's only been 2 malefor and spyro so if that's the case how did his parents have gravity
Guest 9th Nov 2020, 3:49 AM edit delete reply
Spyro mentioned another one in passing a few chapters back but Casi also isn't a western dragon and may not operate by the same rules.
omagakiller123456 9th Nov 2020, 4:28 AM edit delete reply
no, the elements time, convexity, and gravity are exclusive only to purple dragons no matter if there western or not

Spyro and malefor are purple dragons

cynder was corrupted giving her access to convexity

but casi what happened in his life to give him the gravity
Random Guy 13th Nov 2020, 8:41 PM edit delete reply
Casi may have be given gravity naturally. Eastern dragons don't have wings but they float.
Jonah 8th Nov 2020, 8:33 PM edit delete reply
I hope Burner is going to return he’s been missing for quite a long time besides this chapter is suppose to be longer perhaps we might see Burner back in action again during this chapter.
omagakiller123456 8th Nov 2020, 9:15 PM edit delete reply
i hope so burners my second favorite character in this comic electroy is my first favorite

if i had to say burner and electroy are just like me irl

in fact i have some traits that every character in this comic has

burner: jumping into action ready to fight no matter what or who i am up against

electroy: messing with anyone i can just for the reaction and the laughs

tj: caring of those close to me and willing to do anything to help them

vale: curious with a ton of questions and also smart when it comes to stuff other people don't know how to explain
omagakiller123456 9th Nov 2020, 4:29 AM edit delete reply
2 weeks to go
FireswordDragon 9th Nov 2020, 6:06 PM edit delete reply
You absolutely f****** killed me with that, god damn!
omagakiller123456 9th Nov 2020, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
how did I "absolutely f****** kill" you
Jonah 10th Nov 2020, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
Okay but Vale was my favorite character and Electroy is my second favorite and burner is my third favorite
Adanix 10th Nov 2020, 7:48 PM edit delete reply
Was it really possible for Casi to be a purple dragon in disguise? it can be the living proof that you can save the other purple dragons from corruption, besides him and Vali, of course, but I don't remember seeing a necklace similar to Vali's on it, would it be a spell? (probably all that I said is meaningless and he may be one of those gravity dragons that neither omagakiller123456 said but, it's my guess)
omagakiller123456 10th Nov 2020, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
maby it could be a spell but I do doute it if I wanted to hide the fact of me being a purple dragon I would use a spell (or the charmeleon gem) to hide my scale color and them use another spell to change my element with gravity being a purple exclusive element and everyone in warfang hating purple dragons it would be dumb to change the scale color but keep a purple only element

so ether it is a spell that gives casi the element of gravity or there is something deeper going on with casi

but my opinion I doute a spell is being used because we see casi in most of the pages that include the freedom flyers and in one of the other pages that included the gardians they discuss what could of made spyro tern to the darkness and they explain that spells wair of after a while and we don't see any chain in his scail color

and also what do you mean "he may be one of those gravity dragons that neither omagakiller123456 said"
Adanix 11th Nov 2020, 3:24 PM edit delete reply
look at the end of the second comment on the page
Adanix 11th Nov 2020, 3:25 PM edit delete reply
Oh sorry if I offended
Adanix 11th Nov 2020, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
Only now I saw that you commented, sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention, it is that I wanted to say that you had talked about gravity dragons, I never heard anything about these dragons, sorry
omagakiller123456 11th Nov 2020, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
its ok im not offended i was just confused as to what you meant

I guess you read "but casi a random dragon who has gravity and gravity if a ability from ether so how does he know it yet alone how can he use it?" wrong

I was saying that casi is a normle dragon who randomly has gravity which is impossible

the only other dragon who isn't purple and has a purple exclusive is cynder but she was corupted and her job was to kill spyro so she had convexity to make that job easyer

spyro and malefor well there purple dragons so of corse they have them

but how would casi get gravity an element that is impossible to get unless your a purple dragod like spyro malefor and vale

or you was corrupted like cynder

i was just saying that it makes no syence why casi would have access to gravity unless there's a secret with casi

i guess where gonna be jumping down a rabbit hole deeper then the one in alice in wonderland
omagakiller123456 11th Nov 2020, 6:56 PM edit delete reply
also now that i think of it is casi short for something

cuz if not

who the fu*k calls there son casi?
Adanix 12th Nov 2020, 12:44 AM edit delete reply

I have to admit, because of that name I thought he was a woman. XD
omagakiller123456 12th Nov 2020, 12:59 AM edit delete reply
Willollama 14th Nov 2020, 5:50 AM edit delete reply
I have made up my own characters for the comic they are made by me they are not canon (yet) I think of another Purple Dragon named Kendrafa or Kenda as she likes to be called she is the long lost twin sister of Vale her best friend is a Black Dragon named Negronious or Negro as he prefers. Negro was also under the Dark Masters' control luckily Kenda freed him he is now the future general of the Light armies I have a lot of ideas. Like how Kenda has a neckless too but hers turns her scales red not blue and how she has her left front arm missing kinda like Vale she has a metal leg too but hers is different cause it is made for her front leg not her back leg and I won't mention them yet but I have some ideas for more characters if you want I can list them.
Willollama 14th Nov 2020, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
Again they are my ideas only they are not canon you can tell the makers of the comic but you don't have to but you can.
Adanix 14th Nov 2020, 6:30 PM edit delete reply
what's the name of the comic?
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:02 AM edit delete reply
I mean for this comic.
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
Um I guess I can share a few of the characters.

Sky: Wind Dragon: Female: Biped: 2 Limbs: Wings as Arms: Hands on Wings: 4 fingers on hands: 3 fingers on back limbs

Music: Sound Dragon: Male: Biped: 2 Limbs: Wings as Arms: Claws on Wings: 1 claw on each wing: 4 fingers on back limbs

Blaze: Fire Dragon: Male: Quadruped(I say that because he does not walk on his legs alone he walks on his wings also): Walks on Wings: Hands on Wings: 5 fingers on hands: 5 fingers on back limbs

Sola: SolarFlare Dragon: Female: Quadruped( it is the same thing as Blaze read that part please): Walks on Wings: Claws on Wings: 2 claws on each wing: 3 fingers on back limbs
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:24 AM edit delete reply
those have birth defects to make them more unique.
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:35 AM edit delete reply
here are a few more.

Waves: Water Dragon: Female: Biped: Small Arms: 4 fingers on each limb

Squirt: Mist Dragon: Male: Biped: Small Arms: 3 Fingers on each Limb

Electra: Electricity Dragon: Female: Quadruped: 4 Limbs: 4 fingers on back limbs: 3 fingers on front limbs

Rocky: Earth Dragon: Male: Quadruped: 4 Limbs: 4 fingers on front limbs: 3 fingers on back legs

Forest: Nature Dragon: Female: Biped: 2 Limbs: Wings as Arms: Nothing on Wings: 5 fingers on back limbs

Chill: Ice Dragon: Male: Biped 2 Limbs: Wings as Arms: Nothing on Wings: 3 fingers on back limbs

That is all I have for now.
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:36 AM edit delete reply
The only one that doesn't have a birth defect is Rocky.
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 5:41 AM edit delete reply
and I think there are a few typos
Willollama 16th Nov 2020, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
And by "nothing on wings" I mean they do not have claws or hands on their wings.
Willollama 2nd Dec 2020, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
I have ideas for more dark dragon allies.
Willollama 9th Dec 2020, 12:30 AM edit delete reply
Ok I have new Ideas for Dragon breeds The Rainbow Dragon and the Color Dragon The most famous are Rains the male Rainbow Dragon and Colors the Female Color Dragon the current Rainbow/Color dragons were not born that way they were corrupted by the Dark masters and Rainba the first female Rainbow Dragon was first but she got light powers instead of dark. Spyro thought that might be useful but she broke free because of it and later she freed the first male Color Dragon named Canvas but he has dark powers But because Rainba and Canvas were both once corrupted plus Canvas having dark powers they both have to wear necklaces to protect them. So what do you think?

Willollama 9th Dec 2020, 11:03 PM edit delete reply
Here are my other Ideas

Hypno: Dark Hypnosis Dragon: Male: Quadraped: 4 limbs: 3 fingers on each limb

Feara: Fear Dragon: Female: Quadruped: 4 fingers on each limb

Smokla: Smoke Dragon: Female: Quadruped: 3 fingers on front limbs: 4 fingers on back limbs

Cloaker: Shadow Dragon: Male: Quadruped: 5 fingers on front limbs: 4 fingers on back limbs

Deeper: Dark Water Dragon: Male: Biped: 2 limbs: Wings as Arms: Nothing on Wings: 4 fingers on back limbs

Bubbles: Dark Bubbles Dragon: Female: Biped: 2 limbs: Wings as Arms: Nothing on Wings: 3 fingers on back limbs

Black Burn: Night Fire Dragon: Male: Quadruped: Walks on Wings (like Blaze and Sola): 2 claws on each wing: 4 fingers on back limbs

Crysta: Dark Crystal Dragon: Female: Quadruped: 5 fingers on each limb

Venom: Poisen Dragon: Male: Biped: 2 limbs: Wings as Arms: Nothing on Wings: 5 fingers on back limbs

Freeza: Dark Ice Dragon: Female: Biped: 4 limbs: 5 fingers on front limb: 4 fingers on back limbs